Developer description

Relax while giving your phone in other hands and enjoy the fact that no one will ever be able to read or disclose messages and content (pictures, video or audio) which could potentially ruin your private life or family bliss and enjoy your ultimate well deserved privacy.
Contrary to other Apps arXanum allows you not only to dfferentiate and manage your SMS and MMS conversations as public or secretly hidden, making it therefore impossible to access its content (these will only be accessible via a hotkey which will launch the hidden and secret vault mode) but it foremost it provides the unique feature of silent reception of secret content without your cell phone to be even swichting on, vibrate or play the usual ringtone which will continue to be triggered for all public messages and content.
Additionally when used as normal stock default SMS Application it nowhere mentions "private box" or anything similar further reducing any possible suspiciousness. Your secret and hidden messages and conversations will not be visible anymore, not even in case someone tries to use another default SMS app. Define freely an unlimited amount of recipients which you would like to be handled as secret and hidden and receive a first message in order to discover the magic of arXanum.
As of this moment you can leave your phone unattended, fully conscious that even the reception of a special message will not be noticied anymore. Use the possibility to import existing conversations and content (pictures, videos and audio). Once imported, all of this content (inclusive pictures and videos) will not be accessible by other Apps on your Android device which are normally able to display and play any of this content being found.

Last updated 29 Jan 2015

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