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Positive advice from your guardian angels

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Published 19 Aug 2015

[cont'd] 'herself,' "We guarded the temples of Sumer and Babylonia 5000 years ago. We whispered wisdom into the ears of sages during Solomon's time. The Arab world revered us as jinn, "spirits." Every Roman child was assigned a protecting genii at birth. Today, many people think of us as guardian angels or spirit guides. Our cherished work goes on. And on. Never will I tell you what to do. But my responses to your questions aim to enrich your thoughts and call forth your own inner knowing. Working together, we draw upon ancient springs of wisdom. Working together, we are genius."

There are many people who will look upon Ask The Guides: Success as a load of old rubbish. For those that think that way, this is not an app for you. However, there are plenty of folks out there that are looking for a little inspiration and this is an app that will offer positive thoughts to try to help you through a crisis or a crossroads in your life. The app itself is a simple one and very easy to use. Just ask your question, choose the magic medallions and consult the genii. Some will look upon Ask The Guides as a fun game while some will hope to get good advice. Personally, I enjoyed the pink genii girls for just what they are - the givers of good advice with a touch of I Dream Of Jeanie thrown in for good luck.