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Read a story, play a game, become a hero

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Published 16 Mar 2012

[cont'd] someone in mortal danger or will your vital mission take precedence? Will you take a sudden opportunity to avenge you mother or will the safety of your people come first? Following a deeply engrossing RPG structure, Hamnasya allows you to develop and change your characters, increase their abilities and learn new skills and spells that will help you during your quest to victory.
Askaryl's Grimoire is the first in a series of roleplaying applications about to burst onto your screens. It’s byline says - read a story, play a game, become a hero - and that's really what it's all about really. It looks amazing and enables you to create characters in a cool RPG interface that uses weapons and magic spells with a glorious new world to exist in. This roleplaying app takes you on a trip of discovery and adventure.