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A new way to meet friends and find out what's going on around you

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Ask anonymous questions or post as yourself, get answers and post what's going on in your area. ... More

Editor's review

Published 6 Oct 2015

A while back we reviewed a crowd-sourcing app called InAWord Reviews that asked people from all over the world their opinions on everything from movies to restaurants in just a word or two. Now here’s an app that takes the completely opposite approach to information gathering. Rather than reaching out to the world in general, AskMob is a new social tracking app for iOS and Android that concentrates on the people directly around you. It aims to find out what people in your local area are thinking about and what they are getting up to but only deals with people who are within an 11-mile radius of your location. Doesn't Facebook offer you the same thing, I hear you say? Maybe so, but AskMob offers a much more localized - as well as potentially anonymous - service where you can post without preconceptions, meet new people who aren't on your Facebook friends list and share you thoughts on everything from the daily news to the best coffee shop in town.

AskMob lets you ask questions and get answers on demand so you can discover interesting people and the goings on around you. Tired of communicating with the same familiar Facebook friends and your family all the time? AskMob lets you change it up a little by letting you post under your own name or be completely anonymous. For starters, you can browse through the users, check out their posts and read their responses to your questions. Then, you can choose to chat or meet up with your new friends - assuming that you like their responses. If you click on the map-tracking button and you'll see where they are located. Create your own groups, follow your new friends' posts and even give a shout out across the online airwaves to see if anyone is interested in meeting you for coffee or a bite to eat.

As i mentioned earlier, you can post questions anonymously if you want to add a little mystery to your life. This gives you the chance to post your deepest confessions online without the fear that friends will judge you, giving you totally honest opinions from your new friends without them knowing any of your background details. Now that is definitely not something that you can't do on Facebook! What's more, your informative posts can be voted up and down on the AskMob voter board so everyone can see what you are interested in and what's going on in your local area.

For me, the biggest benefit of an app like AskMob will be around colleges, schools and large workplaces where there are many like minded souls who share similar interests but haven't been introduced ...yet. You can easily create your own profile with a photo and a bit of information about yourself and start off by asking a question or two. Where's the coolest place for coffee or who plays the best music on campus? Is anyone going to a gig at the weekend? You can even post important warnings out if you see someone acting suspiciously. Friends and family members will show up on the map so you know how far away they are and you can simply shoot them a line and have a real time chat with them whenever you like.

Theres nothing worse than being alone in a crowd. While there are often many many people around us, it is often difficult to find out who are the right people to have contact with. AskMob is a great way to keep in touch with the people around you, find out what's going on in your local area and to make new friends. The app itself is easy to use and is clear and concise to navigate around. It even works if you have no mobile coverage so you can still chat with anyone logged in using WiFi. AskMob connects you with the interesting people around you and find out what they are doing. It's completely free for Android, iPhone or iPad.

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