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A new way to meet friends and find out what's going on around you

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Published 6 Oct 2015

[cont'd] going to a gig at the weekend? You can even post important warnings out if you see someone acting suspiciously. Friends and family members will show up on the map so you know how far away they are and you can simply shoot them a line and have a real time chat with them whenever you like.

Theres nothing worse than being alone in a crowd. While there are often many many people around us, it is often difficult to find out who are the right people to have contact with. AskMob is a great way to keep in touch with the people around you, find out what's going on in your local area and to make new friends. The app itself is easy to use and is clear and concise to navigate around. It even works if you have no mobile coverage so you can still chat with anyone logged in using WiFi. AskMob connects you with the interesting people around you and find out what they are doing. It's completely free for Android, iPhone or iPad.