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Published 11 Nov 2011

Honestly, how on earth did we ever manage to get through the day before the internet came along? My memory is fading but I assume we spent the day worrying about everything and bemoaning the fact that we couldn’t ask a whole bunch of strangers for advice.

Perhaps I’m being a bit cynical here but I do wonder how many incarnations of the social network site we’ll eventually end up with. This one’s harmless enough, as long as you follow the rules, but I have one question, why?

I have to say if nothing else it does provide a laugh when you look through the list of inane questions that people put up for "Mob" discussion. They range from the very personal to the quite ridiculous and you need to register (or join the mob) before you can add to them.

You have a couple of choices about who can respond and vote on your dilemma although anyone with access to the site will be able to see it. You can choose only invited mobsters to respond or put it out to the community. What I can’t understand here is if you only want close friends to help you out then why not use Facebook or just email them?

It’s a very easy site to use so I’m not going to go on about functions as there really aren’t that many, oh and it’s free to use too.

I was slightly tempted to join up for a second when I...