Developer description

After the huge success of Neo 1, we worked really hard to add some of the features you asked for, and here is Neo 2.0!

• Why can’t we chat with small businesses through SMS the same way we text our friends?
We have a crazy offer for you: get a free trial +20% OFF with code NEO20 (limited offer).

• What is Neo and how is it going to change my life?
Our mission is to help every purpose-driven business find their audience. Our vision is to foster trust between small businesses and their people.

• And how do you do that exactly?
Neo helps you drive sales by engaging with your audience through SMS. The platform includes a customizable SMS bot to reflect your brand, a smart CRM to save customers' info automatically, and real-time conversation threads to send offers and answer customers' questions all in one place.

• What's new with Neo 2.0?
- Pick your own phone number at checkout!
- Larger plans available, up to 15k SMS/mo
- Segment your CRM by tagging customers
- Broadcast SMS to one or more tags/segments
- Track your usage and billing in real time

• Why now?
People are in demand of more authenticity and truth. They want an immediate answer and solution. That's where startups and small businesses can compete with big brands today. That's what we help them do: drive revenue through texting, building a direct link with their audience, and bypassing big competitors' marketing campaigns.

• Who's using Neo?
Our customers share the need to find a direct line of communication with their audience that is cheap, reliable, and scalable. Neo provides them with an immediate, no-code solution that helps them grow.

Super excited to get your questions, feedback, and to get you on board!
Text us to try it out! (917) 451-5515

Last updated 22 Oct 2020

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