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Distressed? Depressed? Agonized? To answer those What's, How's, Where's and Why Me's in your life? Want to get the solution from Emotional, Practical and Psychological Experts?

We connect you with a panel of compassionate, experienced people through our secure network. You also have the option of anonymous questions or Queries while posting. Whether you want to write about life, love, family, sex, stress, bosses, jobs, relations or just talk about your problems, we have an advise, solutions or ray of hope for you to vent to via anonymous posts. AskQua respects your privacy.

Our Website and Mobile application lets you connect to the platform while remaining completely anonymous and secure. Have problem but too shy to ask ? Take a look at our Discover page and you might find the right solution or advise for similar problems.

Last updated 23 Nov 2015

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