Developer description

Always wanted to start a diary? “Askt” is a fast and elegant new app to help you start a journal. Its unique approach to journaling is the fact that everyday you have to answer one thought-provoking question. The best part is you can compare what you answered in previous years, to see how your thoughts evolved in time. Its only “downside”? You can only look back in time, not forward into the future :).

Here are some features that make “Askt” your best option for a mobile diary:
- Each day of the year you get a different question (i.e. “What are you doing to make yourself better”)
- A timeline for your answers, you can easily compare what you answered in previous years too
- Share your progress with friends via Facebook and Twitter as your profile records how many questions you answered and for how long
- “Askt” is secure, set a passcode to lock the app and protect your privacy
- Unlike life itself, with “Askt” you get the option to pick a past date and answer the missed questions, even review/edit previous answers

“Askt” is an unique way of telling your story, one answer at a time. The app is available for free on Google Play ( ).

Last updated 1 Aug 2014