Developer description

I am proud to announce that as of this week, the ASL-kids app is available in the app store for free with in-app purchase! When our son was identified with hearing loss, our whole family was eager to learn sign language. We discovered that our kids benefited from interactive visual material. However, it was hard to find suitable apps on signing specifically designed for kids. So we decided to design one ourselves.
The result is ASL kids! ASL kids is a fun sign language dictionary app developed for both hearing and non-hearing kids in the age-group 1-12 wanting to learn ASL. It is super easy to use and understand without adult supervision. Each sign is accompanied with a large image and a speech sample button to stimulate speech / hearing as well. The fact that all signs are demonstrated by kids (instead of adults or animated figures) makes this app stand out from the rest. We believe that the best way to learn signs is by imitating peers. The app is kid-proof and designed to be used without the help of an adult. There are no external links or ads so no Internet connection is needed. No complex text, but clear and tappable images. This free app has all the functionality including the fun quiz game plus 21 free signs.
An optional pack of 50 more signs are available to further increase your knowledge of ASL. So what initially meant to be a private learning tool for my 3-year-old deaf son will now hopefully inspire other kids to learn this beautiful language! Learn your first signs and play the quiz.

Last updated 30 Apr 2015

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