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Published 29 Jan 2012

Do people still use the old asl abbreviation? I guess they probably do in the chat rooms around cyberspace. They do in the social networking chat application Asl Plz, that's for sure. Here is a place where you can make new friends the digital way and connect with users nearby who also use similar  mobile phones. When you locate your new found friends you can unite, chat and find out if they have similar interests to your own.
If you want to make friends the digital way the Asl Plz app is a free service for Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Phone that gives you the unique experience of being able to connect with nearby users who also use similar mobile phones. It lets you discover how many in your neighborhood are using the same kind of mobile phone as you and gives you the chance to unite with them. Finding new friends has never been quite as much fun as Asl Plz turns out to be. When you have located other Asl Plz users near to you on a map just send them a friend request and then chat with your new friends via the inbuilt instant messenger function. Them you can check out their friends and introduce yourself to them and create your online and possibly even real  world community. Its another interesting way to connect with new people who share some of your interests and may also live in your neighborhood. Totally free to download and install, this brand spanking social networking app can help increase your social circle through discovering people with similar interest on a map.
It's funny how people relate to their phone's identity. For many years there has been a Mac v PC rivalry of course but now that has well and truly transcended to Blackberry v IPhone v Android and, if you relate to that theory, you can now go friend searching based on your choice of phone. Asl Plz is free and it's very easy to use and navigate and let's you chat in instant messenger with your new found friends based on their phone type and proximity to yourself.

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