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Published 26 Sep 2019

When you run a business with multiple employees it can be very challenging to keep track of just what everyone is up to. Our workers are the ones that get the day to day work done and they're also the ones that forge good relationships with clients. They also have the ability to help increase our bottom line and profitability. But it would be a pretty diligent manager who could tell at a glance whether Amy is struggling to keep up with her workload or whether Jamal is powering on. So, for good sized teams, it's becoming more and more essential to have a performance management app to oversee the workforce.

AssessTEAM is a highly thought of performance management app for iOS and Android that includes a whole array of tools to monitor and oversee your staff as well as your projects. These tools include continuous feedback, 360-degree reviews, regular appraisals, project-based appraisals, peer reviews, goal setting, self-evaluations and client satisfaction evaluations. In fact, the developers have produced over 900 job goals that apply to most industry types. These include everything from lines of code to items serviced. Powerful employee performance reports are matched with others that compare time invested to project profitability with data-driven business intelligence helping you reward your high performing employees and helping identify those who might need a little more help and guidance. 

Rather than having to rely on your eyes or your gut feeling, AssessTEAM delivers constant feedback that evaluates employee performance. If a project falls behind schedule or has problems, you'll be able to make smart, data-driven decisions based on multiple evaluations of your team. The app also delivers better job clarity for employees by using a simple evaluation process and this leads to a happier workforce, a more productive work environment and bigger profits for your business - whatever type it may be. 

AssessTEAM is fully customizable on all fronts - from rating scales to language and currency - and can even carry your company branding. It's simple to comprehend, easy to use and features tips, videos and templates to get you up and running fast. No need to worry about security either as the app uses world-class, big-data technologies to safeguard your data in the cloud and the entire system is protected by secure, application-level firewalls.

AssessTEAM was put together by a very experienced team of HR professionals and is designed to work on all smartphones, tablets and native apps for both iPhone and Android. It seamlessly integrates with all the major platforms including Google Apps, Office365, Wrike, Zoho and Basecamp as well as easily importing and exporting to spreadsheets. A guided rollout is included with all plans with free, expert advice available to all customers. What's more, you can send them your job descriptions and they will set up the evaluations that you need. AssessTEAM is popular with Manufacturing, Services, Government Agencies, City Municipalities, Non-profits, Oil & Gas, Healthcare and Education sectors. The aim is to help each member of your team reach his or her maximum potential by clarifying their job function and giving them timely, real-time, actionable feedback. It's available now from the relevant app store.

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