Developer description

AstroBot is the virtual talking oracle! It answers with its voice upon topic you are interested in: horoscope, tarot cards, numerology, chinese astrology, mayan astrology, celtic zodiac, gemstones.
The future is in your hands with AstroBot! Apps and services integrated in your oracle modules give back to you images, search services and multimedia presentations.

- Creates customized multimedia presentations using voice, text and images
- Creates summarizing pages containing: your answer, related details, materials, search services, links.
- Allows you to easily share answers using SMS, Email and social networks.
- Customize your talking oracle according your preferences
- The talking robot gains experience points (XP) while using it. Unlock new features and change its look using XP.
- It speaks your language – AstroBot is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German.

- HOROSCOPE Module: Daily horoscope. Your sign is unique like the 12 Signs of the Zodiac: get your daily horoscope and discover what it is necessary to know about each sign of the Zodiac!
- TAROT CARDS Module: the Tarot cards can give you the answers you were looking for and even to those you hadn't thought of seeking
- NUMEROLOGY Module: the future is in your hands with Numerology: discover your destiny numbers!
- RUNES Module: the magical stones that reveal the mysteries of your life
- CHINESE ASTROLOGY Module: past and present overlap giving life to something which, even today, is considered as one of the most effective tools to accurately define our astral situation
- MAYAN ASTROLOGY Module: Mayan divinatory arts and signs
- CELTIC ZODIAC Module: everything about celtic zodiac signs
- GEMSTONES Module: learn the meanings of healing gemstones
- BASE Module: provides you information, helps, tutorial, droid customization.

Last updated 7 Feb 2022

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