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AtTask's mobile project management software allows you to take control of your work life like ... More

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Published 25 Jun 2012

AtTask Mobile App really does take business organization and project management to a different level. This cloud based application allows you to take complete control of your projects with ease while prioritizing everything at the touch of a finger and from wherever you are. AtTask has helped thousands of businesses people the world over collaborate with colleagues and customers for a greater understanding of the work at hand and keep everyone in the loop. It delivers the first collaborative work management platform that was designed for the Facebook generation.
AtTask's mobile project management software allows you to take control of your work life like never before and lets you respond to work requests in record time and manage priorities with the touch of a finger. You can easily collaborate with team members and review documents while on the go. AtTask's mobile project management software is a smaller version of TeamHome, which is a workspace designed specifically for team members that drives team member engagement and commitment to project success. TeamHome with Stream empowers teams, increasing their acceptance of, and participation in, the project management process. With TeamHome, front-line conversational information and commitments flow upward; enabling greater accuracy in projections, driving increased visibility, and delivering richer information to make informed decisions. AtTask increases workplace harmony by enfranchising workers and informing executives. The company’s social Work Management software gives people at all levels of the organization tools to help them better understand and organize their work. Going social facilitates deeper worker buy-in and delivers executives conversational insights into the work environment. Over 1,000 organizations of all sizes, including Adobe, Cisco, GE, KeyBank, HBO, Johnson & Johnson, Newsweek, and Nike have turned to AtTask to manage work of all levels of complexity and its on-demand work management solution is available in seven languages.
By gearing this project management application in the direction of the regular Facebook user delivers two outcomes. Firstly, the more familiar social aspect of AtTask tends to encourage better user participation from the team members and leads to more collaboration and more advantageous outcomes. Secondly, the clear visibility of the projects allows management to keep an eye on the work progress whilst not appearing to peek over their workers' shoulders. Here is a project management application that not only looks professional but puts management on the same page as the team -and that can only be good for productivity.

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