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Published 1 Dec 2011

Don’t let the name of this one fool you. If you thought it was merely an alternative to the old school register then you need to take a closer look. It does have an updated version of that function of course but it also has a host of features that make it an all-round campus management system. Whether you run a school, college or university it will help you streamline a lot of the processes that have historically taken up valuable teaching time. What’s more it has a level of collaboration attached to it that enables students and their parents to access the functions relevant to them, subject to administrator user permissions of course.

For an administrator it’s easy to see the benefits. With tasks such as staff management, student performance monitoring and report generation fully automated life should get easier. The system can even assist in the process of managing admissions.

Students should appreciate the functions that allow them to view timetables and course content online as well as apply for time off. As a reminder that all aspects of life are now subject to democracy they can also use the system to air grievances on things such as food and course quality.

What some students might not appreciate however, depending on their commitment to study, is just what their parents can view. Where in the past it might have been possible to dodge the odd bad report with a clever excuse that will no longer be the...