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Published 25 Aug 2013

[cont'd] it  with your colleagues and friends to see what they think. If you like what you see Attendify offers simple, affordable prices that start at under US$400. Every app comes with a native iPhone and Android version as well as the HTML 5 web app. You can update your content instantly, get usage analytics as well as managing all the different aspects of your app online. So maybe its time to move into the 21st Century and think about replacing your printed guides and giving your attendees the powerful networking tools that they are all too familiar with through work and social networking. Attendify will publish your app to the App Store & Google Play and also supports the use of private distributors.
The use of apps in the promotion, advertising and marketing of all types of events these days is paramount to good planning. But they can cost a fair bit to develop. This is one reason why Attendify could well be the start of a whole heap of apps to improve the whole event experience whether it be a conference, an expo or anything else you are planning. This neat and efficient app offers a straightforward price on an app that gives you everything you need complete with a while label option so you can brand it yourself. You can also update your info as often as you want and you have full control over the content. While the Guide App offers everything you...