Developer description

Atto is a simple time and location tracking app designed for small businesses.

It is the #1 mobile-first time clock app that allows its users to monitor productivity from anywhere. The time tracking feature begins with a beautifully designed clock-in button that measures workhours, breaks, and certain location data - i.e. from where they clocked-in/out.

This brings us to the next feature which is location monitoring, or GPS tracking. Transparency and accountability are key factors to the success of a business, and location monitoring is created for that reason. With the help of this functionality, users can ensure that employees are safe, but also working in the right place at the right time.

Additional functionalities include team insights and timesheet reports, both of which can be generated at any time directly from your mobile device. Data drives decisions and Atto makes sure that that data is accurate to the second.

No more spending countless hours calculating timesheets, start saving time and money through the benefits of Atto.

Last updated 22 Jan 2020