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Why buy audiobooks when you can rent them?

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AudiobookLender allows users to rent digital audiobooks for 30 days. Renting audiobooks can ... More

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Published 16 Mar 2019

I guess it was really only a matter of time before renting audiobooks was an option. It happened many years ago to the music industry before the digital revolution kicked in. Back when that happened though, you had to physically take yourself to a music rental store and hand over your personal details and a small fee to take home your vinyl, cd or cassette tape. At the time, record companies were incensed because renters would generally take their goodies home and copy them so they could 'own' them forever.

People's mentality has changed these days though. In the modern world, people just want access to their entertainment rather than physically owning it. With music and films, we've all grown accustomed to streaming rather than buying. With books, the people who want to own them will go out and buy a physical copy of the latest Stephen King or J K Rowling book with its ornate hardback cover. Most of the rest of us just want to listen to a good book in bed at night or in the car or on their commute to work. So it makes good sense to 'borrow' an audiobook for a fraction of the cost of buying it.

AudiobookLender is a new app for iOS, Android (and Kindle, of course) that allows users to rent digital audiobooks for 30 days, saving its customers up to 80% on the regular retail price. Rentals can be streamed from the website or downloaded...