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Why buy audiobooks when you can rent them?

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Published 16 Mar 2019

[cont'd] or streamed to free apps for Apple or Android devices. The 30 day rental period starts when you activate the play button. The apps come fully loaded with great features including playback speed control, sleep timer and manual bookmarking and you can pick up exactly where you finished off reading when you start again the next day. 

You can listen on as may devices as you'd like and can delete the audio book as soon as you are finished. What happens if customers haven't finished listening to the book in the allotted 30 days, I can hear you asking? Will the book simply expire from your device? Well, don't worry too much. If you haven't finished at the end of your 30 day hire period you can extend the rental period for another 30 days for a mere two bucks. However, if it is finished and you don't rehire, downloaded audiobooks will automatically delete at the end of the rental period so you won't have valuable space being taken up on your device. 

AudiobookLender is the latest innovation in digital audiobooks that gives avid audiobook fans an affordable alternative to the high price of purchasing not to mention the limited selection of libraries. Right now, The app has over 20,000 audiobooks available to rent with more added every month. You won't have to sign up to any long term renting plans and you can rent titles whenever you...