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Published 18 Jan 2015

The debate between kindle readers and physical paper book readers has raged for a few years now and avid readers seem to have divided into one or the other. Ebook readers love the ease and simplicity of reading a book on their kindle without having shelf loads of books cluttering up their homes while paper book readers love the pure pleasure of holding a book in their hands rather than a piece of plastic. Personally, I think the kindle has a fair way to go to fulfill its obvious potential. However, there is another way of 'reading' books that seems to have got lost in the argument. The audiobook adds a completely new dimension to the art of reading a book and often features the authors themselves or another beautifully eloquent orator who will add their own oral characteristics to enhance the storytelling. There are a number of audiobooks apps on the market with vast catalogues of titles available and Audiobooks Now is right up there with the biggest of them - as well as proving to be one of the cheapest.
There are many ways to enjoy audible spoken word audio books. Whether you're on a road trip or on a long commute, working out in the gym or simply doing chores around the house, audio books are the perfect way to enjoy great books anytime and anywhere you may be. Audiobooks Now is a free Android app where you can download and buy digital audiobooks from their...