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Record your 15 seconds of fame with audio Twitter

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Editor's review

Published 27 May 2012

It was really only a matter of time before someone came up with an audio version of Twitter. But, whereas Twitter delivers its epithets of wisdom in 140 characters or less, Audiolip gives you the opportunity to present your pearls of wisdom by recording and sending a 15 second audio clip which your friends can listen to, share and interact with. This free social micro-podcasting application gives you the chance to vent your spleen on current issues or just offer a few inspirational words for your friends to react to.
Audiolip is a revolutionary and brand new micro podcasting platform that is just hitting the world of social networking. Twitter has become a worldwide popular site that offers the chance to share content in the form of small text logs. Audiolip takes this a step forward and allows users to record and send up to 15 seconds of audio micro-podcasts that can be shared with all your contacts. Audiolip lets you listen, share and interact and add replies to every recorded message! You may add new podcasts and your ideas and comments from anywhere in the world and directly from the browser or via toll-free phone call if you live in the US or the UK.
So where do we see Audiolip fitting into the word of social networking? There is the obvious Twitter connection (the app was originally known as voice Twitter) and, just maybe, Audiolip will capture the attention of the masses and become a contender. I think there is also a big possibility of using it as an advertising tool in the same way that Twitter does. One has only to look at the brilliant Blair Witch Project net campaign from a few years back to know that something original like Audiolip will provide a massive opportunity for an advertising coup for the forward thinking ad team. Anyone listening out there? This free social micro-podcasting app could well prove to be more than just interesting. Watch this space.

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