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Published 30 May 2014

According to Goldman-Sachs, Australia is one of the least likely nations to win the twentieth FIFA World Cup when it concludes in the middle of July. I'm sure it didn't take them too long to work that one out. But you can never tell with this Australian team. If i remember rightly, they were within a hairs breath of taking a 10-man Italian team into extra time at the 2006 tournament until a woeful penalty decision gave the Italians victory in the 95th minute. The fact of the matter is, on the big stage, anyone can beat pretty well anybody on their day. So, these Aussie boys are going to need all the help that they can get in order to get over the line and one way to show your support for the team is to download Australia Football Ringtones. This Android app lets you listen to and play authentic Aussie football fan chants that are sung by real fans.
Australia was the first nation to turn up in Brazil to acclimatize themselves - many think they will be the first to leave too. There has been much talk of the 'group of death' - Australia line up against Spain, Chile and Holland - but, given the quality of football players around the world these days, every group looks to me like a bit of a minefield. Australia have filled their squad with players who have proven their worth all around the world and augmented it with rising stars...