Developer description

Authenpic was born last spring when we were talking about how people take photos today compared to before. We were reminiscing about how much fun it was to use disposable cameras, especially the whole waiting for your roll of film to be developed so you could look at the photos you (most of the times) had forgotten that you had taken. 
Of course, the smartphones we have today are much more convenient, easier to use and more powerful than our film cameras of yesteryear, but there are also some downsides to smartphone photography. We find ourselves taking less photos than before because we feel this constant pressure to share the perfect photo. With all the snapping, re-taking of photos, applying filters, sharing and checking for successful social interaction, we're focusing too much on the technical aspects of our photography rather than just enjoying a moment and snapping a quick souvenir photo that’ll help us remember it at a later time.  
With Authenpic, you can take 24 photos that you can’t review after they’ve been shot. When your “film roll” is full, you send it away and within a week you will receive a pack of 24 printed pictures in your inbox - your physical mailbox, that is. The whole Authenpic experience is $9.99 per roll of film in the U.S and from $12.50 - $14.90 for international orders. All prices includes shipping.
With Authenpic, we hope to help people focus more on the fun we're experiencing in the real world, rather than seeking instant gratification in the digital world.

Last updated 14 Feb 2015

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