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App Description:
BUCKLE UP, check your mirrors, and get ready for the HIGH SPEED POLICE CHASE of your LIFE!

Auto Crimes transports you to the futuristic Mean Streets of ANARCHY City, where You have stolen the BADDEST futuristic rocket-launcher enabled car in the land... (Why would you even do that, BRO?)

The cops are a little pissed...
Weave thru beautiful intricately-painted highway traffic while attempting to outrun the cops… or BLASTING them with rockets.

★ Visually stunning digitally-painted graphics, textures, and vehicles.
★ Play as four awesome vehicles (are you BAD enough for the Cop Car? …More coming soon!)
★ HD quality resolution
★ Gameplay optimized for iOS touch devices
★ Simple, effective controls: Drag finger to move vehicle. Shooting is automatic
★ Endless hours of gameplay

Intuitive controls will make it easy to get started, but you will have to put in some major work to join the league of Top Criminals leaderboard (courtesy of Game Center).

So put that pedal to the floor and Get ready to RUN & GUN!!!

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Last updated 20 Dec 2012

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