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This is dedicated to all car and motorcycle fans

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Auto Moto is an iPhone App dedicated to all cars and motorcycles fans. Get the latest Pictures, ... More

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Published 7 Feb 2016

Car and bike lovers are a passionate lot. It’s almost as if they regard the vehicles that they own (and the vehicles that they'd like to own) as religious icons. Show them the latest Ferrari or Harley and they'll be almost rapturous in their praise. Show them a new motor app and you can keep them occupied for hours scrolling through the pages.

Now there are, of course, a multitude of car and bike apps on the market but another is always welcome by the avid fan. Auto Moto is a new app for iOS that deals in all aspects of the motor vehicle. It is dedicated to all car and motorcycle fans and features all the latest news, motorsport news, photos, wallpaper and movies as well as content from all the top  motoring channels on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

While many similar apps offer plenty of photographs and news articles, Auto Moto offers a few other notable features to keep them ahead of the rest. The access to social network channels is particularly interesting. Rather than having to plough through countless YouTube, Facebook and Instagram posts individually, Auto Moto saves vast amounts of time by placing them all under one roof, so to speak.

The app itself is fairly stylish to look at with an easy to navigate interface and strong red, black and white graphics. You can use the simple filtering system to find any photos, videos or motoring information that you need. Just search for...