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Autonomous allow you to create Rules to perform automatic tasks with your Android ... More

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Published 21 Dec 2019

In a recent study by the Harvard Business Review it was estimated that marketing executives could be losing 10-15% of their time by not automating their simple tasks. It was found that, with the constant jumping back and forth between SaaS platforms, it was costing them time and, as a consequence, money. Clearly, it would be a heck of a lot easier and a lot more efficient to click one button that would lead to two different platforms simply 'speaking' to each other to get the job done. Now, if marketing people seem to think that it will save them that much time, the rest of us would surely benefit from doing exactly the same thing. 

Autonomous is a task automation tool that lets you create rules to perform automatic tasks on your Android smartphone. These can include automatic SMS replies, the rejection of phone calls, an answering service with voice commands, speaker activation, phone locking and more. Each rule has a structure. This means that when there are one or more events with associated parameters to evaluate then a specific set of conditions are satisfied. For each condition the user can choose a logical operator for evaluation. 

Right now, Autonomous supports connection to WIFI and network, changing Bluetooth status, device and GSM signal level, making and handling phone calls, sending SMS, all app-related things including adding app shortcut to notification list, starting application and launching, typing text, text to speech, confirmation dialogue with voice interactions, all audio situations including volume control, mute, activating speakers, media playback control, device related situations including flash-light, screen lock and screen orientation, notifications, timer and time of day and stability when moving. 

Autonomous is right up there with Tasker and Macrodroid when it comes to effective and easy to use task automation. The main difference with this app is that it's focus is on simplicity and a more natural way of defining the rules used to automate your everyday normal smartphone actions. What's more, it uses very little power so it won't drain your battery too much. The developers have great plans for the future too. They plan to implement automatic rules suggestions that are learned from the user's own behavior and these rules and shortcuts will be based on your location. There'll be one set of rules for things you do at work and another for when you are relaxing at home. 

Autonomous is the way that all smartphones will be in the future. Intuitive to your needs and quickening up the process of your day to day events whether you are at home or at work. When you are doing one task at work you will find that multiple other tasks can be completed without you having to lift a finger. Autonomous is available now for Android from Google Play. 

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