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Buying a new or used car from a dealership is a very important but unfortunately not so pleasant ... More

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Published 1 Jul 2013

I have to admit that one of the better things I ever did when I was thinking of buying a used car was to hire a 'broker' to find me the one  that I was looking for. What usually happens is that I trudge off to the car markets on a Saturday morning with a fixed idea in my head of exactly the car I want. Not twenty cars...not ten...just this one car that I have set in my head that is the perfect car for me. Naturally, that car doesn't really exist and it usually ends with my heading home after a few hours - dispirited and despondent. AutoSwan is a crowd sourcing community application that uses brokers to source the car of your dreams. Even with the set fee that your broker charges there's a pretty good chance that you will be ahead on the deal as brokers average over $4000 discount when negotiating with dealers.
Buying a new or used car from a dealership is no easy matter. Its very important to get the right car but not always the most pleasant of experiences. What starts out as a friendly visit to the local dealer can quickly turn into a time-consuming, unpleasant experience that many would rather avoid. The average US car buyer spends over 8 hours over multiple weeks driving to car dealers, haggling with salesmen and reviewing paperwork and that figure is on top of the 18 hours the average buyer...