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I'm Andrei, an indie developer of the iOS slideshow app.

The app is simple and suitable for creating simple slide show videos with the addition of specially selected music. Videos are easy to share and there are no annoying ads.

The main advantages of the app
+ Use photos and videos
+ Large library of music for different moods
+ All music Copyright free. Can be posted to any social network
+ You can also add your own music from iOS Files app or via the link
+ Select the size of the final video. For YouTube, Instagram Stories or TikTok or others
+ If you are a pro, you can add multiple music tracks!

User's feedback:
+ I have a 3-year-old child who loves to dance and the music was hard to hear and I picked up a melody for his dance
+ I edited the video I shot at the wedding.
+ Filmed a walk with a child, added appropriate music
+ I edited a video about my child riding a horse. Without music it would be boring
+ Filmed a cat on video and added funny music

I would be grateful if you tell me how to get a review on the app. I'm available for any questions and I'm ready to send you promo-code for free usage of the app.


Last updated 18 Mar 2022

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