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A simple, flexible and personalizable calendar for your renting website

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Do you have a website for your holiday home? Or do you own a website where you rent out ... More

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Published 17 Apr 2013

There are some apps that are quite complicated and are packed with features - many of which you will never use, I might add - and then there are others that have a single purpose and get the job done. AvailabilityCalendar sits nicely in the latter basket. This simple to use app is one of those that you either want or don't want. If you want a calendar to pin on your website so people can check the availability of something you are renting out then it doesn't get a lot simpler or a lot better than this one. This scheduling app is the ideal 'drop-in' tool if you have a website for your holiday home or you rent property or goods. In a few clicks, and without having to worry about FTP, CSS or complicated databases, you can have it up on your website and ready to go in minutes.
If you rent out your holiday home or other properties or generally rent out goods of some sort via a website you need something on there that tells your potential customers it's availability and AvailabilityCalendar fits the bill nicely. You can create and publish availability calendars and include them on your website with only a few clicks and it works straight out of the box! You can embed your availability calendar on any website, whether you have an open source content management system or not. This easy to use app lets you generate embed codes that can...