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A simple, flexible and personalizable calendar for your renting website

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Published 17 Apr 2013

[cont'd] be pasted on your webpage or link to a blank page or pop-up that has the availability calendar on it.
Probably the best thing about this calendar app for rental business is its pure simplicity. There is no installation needed and no databases to worry about. Just choose the plan that you like best from the options available? They are all basically the same except for the number of calendars and users that you can have. You can create and manage any number of calendars depending on your plan and edit each individually with notes. AvailabilityCalendar is as flexible as they come, allowing you to change to your favorite texts and colors and you can even translate it into many languages. When it comes to providing the right availability information for your rentable items it's hard to go past one that is as simple and downright useable as this one.