Developer description

Solana blockchain non-custodial wallet that enables your browser to connect with Web3 Dapps and the Solana network. Avana Wallet is available for iOS, Android and Desktop (Chrome, Firefox and MS Edge).

Avana Wallet is a feature-rich Solana wallet for your browser that connects you to the Solana blockchain, Web3 dapps, DeFi, NFTs, gaming (GameFi), and cryptocurrency tokens and coins.

Avana Wallet is friendly and easy to use. Create and manage multiple Solana wallet self-custody accounts with just a few clicks. Automatically organize all your NFT collections in one place.

Avana Wallet is built with privacy and security as a top priority. Your self-custody private keys are encrypted and stored on your device. You always retain full control of your crypto accounts with non-custodial wallets, and no one other than you has access to your crypto account private keys.

The following hardware wallet models are fully supported:
- Ledger Nano S
- Ledger Nano S Plus
- Ledger Nano X

Avana Wallet connects you to the emerging world of Web3 and crypto:
- Collect, mint and store NFT collectibles
- Participate in Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)
- Explore wide ecosystem of Decentralized Apps (Dapps)
- Send, receive, and swap SPL tokens (coins)
- Fully compatible with Solana Name Service (.sol domain names)
- Easy liquid staking
- Two-factor authentication account protection
- Create a personalized address book for contacts
- Over 30 languages supported
- Cloud Sync to sync your accounts to Avana Wallet mobile app for iOS and Android
- and more

Last updated 27 Oct 2022

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