Developer description

A good joke is worth its weight in gold! Avatar Live — is an app which will help you not only to vary your humor, but also give a good lesson to the person you are bored to death with whose “gibes”. It is very simple to joke with Avatar Live. Choose the necessary sound and wait for the right moment. In the app’s gallery you will find great many sounds — this is a birdsong, a lion’s roar, a cat’s purr, and also sounds for special situations: farting and burping. And it is not all! But, as the saying goes, it is better to hear yourself;). And it works very simply — you just need to touch the phone to play the chosen sound, or the phone can play the sounds randomly, or with desired intervals.
Besides, Avatar Live worries about the daily waking up of iPhone owners, who have no opportunity to start the morning with favorite melodies. The app gives opportunity to set any melody from the Avatar Live’s gallery).
Avatar Live — is just what any iPhone owner needs!

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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