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Published 17 Sep 2011

Usually we rely on feedback taken from a single source. Political polls tend to be based on either a phone survey or by voxpop polling in the local mall. The Avius Insight IPad Survey looks at the survey in a different way and produces data based on polling compiled from a number of gathering methods giving you more accurate results.
This survey tool gives the user full control over polling customer opinion with custom templates allowing flexibility to specifically 'brand' the survey. Avius provides concise and simple reports and feedback on how your customers feel on specific subjects, arming you with the best possible information to make your business plan work to your advantage. Surveys are taken via text feedback, web survey, survey kiosk and iPad survey technologies and Avius have developed specialized tools to analyze the data. At last count, Avius have so far gathered over 80 million responses from the various survey points.

The immediacy of Avius Insight iPad Survey impresses me no end. There are plenty of survey tools around these days but not many that spread their surveying using several different access points. The interface is simple and free to use so, if you are in the business of surveying your customers, this is one to look out for.