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Start up a PR campaign for your startup

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Published 5 Feb 2012

[cont'd] you reach the free limit the site will ask you to pay once via credit card through a secure service called WePay. Once you upgrade to the unlimited account you will have access to all the PR tasks. When new tasks are added in the future you will have access to those as well at no extra charge.
Starting a PR campaign is a fairly daunting prospect and involves everything from social media, blogging, events and press releases. All of which can set you back a fair amount of money just to get started. AwareLabs allows you to spend your time and energy much more efficiently and will save you money when you do move on to a paid campaign for your startup. By creating a check list of things to do to ensure all PR bases are covered you will be building your reputation and positioning your startup in the right place for quicker success and greater momentum. AwareLab is a simple and logical check list that is certainly a cost effective way of getting your startup off the ground.