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Published 21 Mar 2012

Guest post from Zach Beattie, Rockupied LLC. Let's face it: not everyone is a social butterfly. For years we have put the spotlight on apps that make social interaction more prevalent- apps that allow people to talk more, tweet more, comment more, and even find their friends at a downtown bar. But where are the apps for the socially awkward? What good is knowing about that party if you are too nervous to talk to your crush when you get there. Traditionally, gamers and developers have been considered part of this elusive demographic, the people who stumble upon their words and get sweaty hands when talking to members of the opposite sex.

To the socially awkward:  Do not fret… there may be an answer.

Undergraduate students at the University of California, Irvine, have created an app to help the socially inept overcome their awkwardness. The app is called AwkTalk and was developed for App Jam, a competition that asked its participants to create something in the category of “Self Improvement”.

AwkTalk allows users to participate in a timed discussion with another AwkTalker and then the participants rate each other’s social skills using a set of pre-established criteria. It uses location-based technology to pair the user up with someone and initiate conversation. The theory sounds good, but for the socially awkward, the thought of meeting up with a stranger to discuss social skills may be… frightening. They'd probably prefer to kick back and play a game of Angry Birds or Lost Little Zombie instead.

For more information on AwkTalk, check out the team’s website here:  And for more articles about apps, mobile games, and more, check out

About the author:
Zach Beattie works with mobile game company Rockupied LLC.

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