Developer description

Good evening - isn't that so catchy?

I'm emailing you to introduce Aybo for iOS. Aybo is an iMessage (soon to be on WhatsApp) keyboard plugin that allows users to send clips of pre-cut audio through iMessage with a simple copy and paste. Think GIF, except each option is pre-cut audio from today's most popular music (& the occasional movie).

Instead of saying "Hello, It's Me"... let Adele sing it to the person you are texting.

Instead of admitting you're embarrassed... let Drake say "I don't wanna hear about this ever again"...

And the best part is we've organized the clips into easy to use categories...
1. Answers (Ex: Amen - Hozier)
2. Caking (what you'd send to your girlfriend/boyfriend or flirt with)
3. Funny (Who made this shit? - Django Unchanged)
4. General
5. Goodbyes
6. Greetings
7. Insults
8. Questions
9. Timing
10. Turning Up (Party)

There's literally an Aybo for every situation. Please see the screenshots below (and attached) to see how the keyboard works. It's a fun way to communicate, and provides an opportunity for corporations to market products on our platform (Think: "I'm Loving It" as a promoted clip from McDonald's). We haven't started promotion yet, but that's our vision.

Last updated 28 May 2016

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