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Published 31 May 2013

Being a bit of a news junkie myself, I always sit up and take notice when there's a release of a new news application on the market. With our lives tending to be bombarded by sound clips versions of the real story on tv and radio, it is important for many to access news and views from as many different sources as possible in order to stay ahead of the game and know just what is going on out there in the real world. B24 RSS News Feed is a free news aggregator where you can gather a world of knowledge in an entertaining, clean and interactive way
You can say goodbye to the days of surfing through a multitude of sites for a news story. Welcome instead to the RSS news world. Now you can connect with the rest of the world using the B24 News Feed - an application for browsing updated news in a categorized format. There are options to search and add any new categories you like for news for and your iPhone or iPad enhances the ultimate user experience. B24 helps you stay in touch with the world and get all your worldwide news delivered right to your fingertips. This iOS application is an entertaining way to get knowledge-rich by connecting with the world. It lets you view a very user friendly RSS feed - broken down into various categories - in  a very smooth and interactive way. You can easily add new categories just by using the URL or use keywords to broaden your spectrum of knowledge. B24 lets you stay updated with the world.
Serious as well as casual news hunters will find this RSS application a much more civilized way of catching up with news from all round the world rather than by using the usual channels. It's an easy to use app that delivers news articles in categories that are displayed as you open up the app. You can explore the various categories in the search box and simply choose your news feed link to read what they have to offer. You can even add your URL's or an endless selection of keywords to access new and your own favorite feeds. The B24 News Feed is a great, free and easy to use way of catching up with the news that your regular service doesn't offer.

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