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A reminder app that can literally tell you when you forget

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This is a unique a approach to get reminders, they become more immediate and time independent. ... More

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Published 17 Sep 2012

I could have done with a memory and reminder application like B4iGo just the other day when I had some washing on, was baking a cake and had a number of phone calls to make. This iOS app takes a unique approach to reminding you of the things that need doing that ensures you will never leave the cake in the oven too long or miss the phone call to cancel your osteopathic appointment. B4iGo uses vibration, visual display and even voice reminders as soon as you touch your phone to go out and forget all the things that you have started. It's free and easy to use and a reminder app that you might possibly find yourself actually using.
B4iGo has a unique a approach to get reminders and, consequently, they become more immediate and time independent. B4iGo: Movement Reminder, lies dormant until it's motion detection capabilities detect a disturbance on your device upon which it will vibrate, display and even call out your reminder to you. Think of those times it could be very handy like when you are  ready to go out and need to remember something before you step out of the door. B4iGo is easy to use and set up and all it takes is a simple tap to start or stop the motion detector. It features a predefined list of reminders to use or make as well as letting you create, set and save your own.  You can easily add...