Developer description

Babelgum is a new way of conceiving television, a free on-demand TV over the Internet that lets you watch whatever you want, whenever you want, as often as you want.

The comfort of TV: Just hit play and start enjoying right away full-screen, broadcast quality content streamed to your monitor. It’s that simple.
The smarts of the Internet: While you watch you can lean back and tune in or sit forward and interact. Browse and search through available programmes, create your own thematic channels, and organise your favourites. The minute you download Babelgum onto your PC, you’ll be ready to set your imagination free.
The freedom of choice: Free doesn’t only mean with no cost here at Babelgum. Free for us means that every professional content owner deserves a chance to distribute commercially his content and have it shown to the world. And free means that you have the power to select and watch what you really like.
Personal TV: At last you will be able to create your own thematic “smart channels”, which automatically generate programming for you according to your personal interests and tastes
Friendly TV: Share your TV experience. On Babelgum, you can tell the world what you like or dislike by rating the content you have seen. Soon you will also be able to discuss, discover and recommend your favorite programs through your social network.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015