Developer description

Baby Night Light is your bedtime companion of choice for a good night's sleep!


* Choose from 12 animal night light companions
* Unlimited choice of colors for each night light
* Works in both portrait & landscape modes
* Rotating backgrounds with projector effect
* Adjust brightness
* Sound sensor
* Timer

This magic little app glows in the dark projecting soothing & comforting light animations until baby is sound asleep.
Featuring a dozen of adorable cuddly animal night lights to choose from, you can easily adjust the brightness and color of the slow rotating projection to suit your baby's taste and appease their fear of the dark.

When activated, the sound sensor detects ambient sounds so as soon as baby cries, yells or gets upset, the night light automatically switches on. Once there is no more noise, the night light slowly fades out until baby is sound asleep.
You can also use the classic timer function to ensure the night light is on for as long as needed and prepare baby for a good night's sleep.

How does it work?

> Swipe left and right to choose a night light
> Tap the screen to select the color of your choice
> Swipe up and down to adjust brightness
> Turn on the timer and/or the sound sensor voila! Baby is all ready for a good night's sleep!

Designed for babies' greatest comfort and tranquility of parents, you can trust Baby Night Light's luminous companions in your home or on the go! Sweet Dreams : )

CAUTION: Please remember to activate the Airplane Mode in order to prevent your phone from ringing and emitting waves. It is not recommended to leave your device in your baby's bed at night, it's best to place it on a table nearby.

Last updated 3 Aug 2013