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Baby Swim !

Explore the underwater-adventure against piranhas by day & #night !

Baby Swim ! invites you into a new underwater-world in which you can find various items such as seashells, starfish or seahorses and collect them. Explore the underwater-world at day- or nighttime and try to swim as far as possible through the labyrinth of underground-pipes with the cute baby in the bubble.

Watch out for the piranhas which are swimming around and trying to cross your way. If they get in your way, you have to start the round over again.

Dive into the world of Baby Swim ! Explore the underwater-world during daytime with clear water or by nighttime where you can also see the fluorescent jellyfish and find the items in order to save them into your collection.

So lets go - into the adventure where the goal is to swim as far as possible and and to collect as many coins and items as possible. If the round is over, just press the lifebelt and try your luck again.

Discover Baby Swim ! today and have fun ;)


* Colorful environment in day- and nighttime-mode
* 24 Items (Seastars, Seahorses, Seashells)
* Easy underwater navigation
* Mini-Piranhas as opponents to avoid
* A fast casual-gaming app ;)

The app is for free and offers in-app-purchases
The app is ad-supported, but the ads can be deactivated by in-app purchase
The app has been optimized for all current iPhones and for the most iPad-tablets


Background Music : mrthenoronha
Sfx magic: renatalmar
UI&screen-design: CreaTion
Game programming: CreaTion
Special thanks to: Muskan

Last updated 25 May 2018

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