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Developer description

Track your baby’s essential activities: feedings, diapers and sleep.

Easy to use: Fast and easy data entry. Use big buttons to enter activities, scroll the mouse wheel to enter numbers. Hey, as new parents, who has the time to deal with those finicky key strokes!
Automatic activity clock: Instantly tells you how long has it been since your last feeding, disaper change or sleep, so you can plan you next move.
Minimum Information Required: All you have to enter is the baby’s name. If you are worried about your privacy, use a nick name! If you want to, show your favorate picture from any online source (such as Picasa, Flickr etc). Just copy and paste the url.
Multiple babies: More than one kid? Twins? Setup as many babies as you want, and track all your babies on the same screen.

Last updated 9 Jul 2010