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BabyNames: Spanish boys and girls names is the easiest and funniest way to find out your son's or daugther's name!

With BabyNames you and your partner can see boys and girls names list, select your favorites and see your matches!


● Boys and girls names list: Pretty complete names list with names meanings and origins. These names list have a search bar too.
● Origin Filter: You can filter names list by origin.
● Select your favorites names: You can select your favorite names and they will be automatically saved.
● Matches: When Dad and Mom have selected your favorite names, BabyNames would show you your matches!
Do you like names from TV Shows or movies characters?
Try to find them!

If you want me to add a new boy or girl name, have any doubt or you want to tell me anything, please write me an email to [email protected]

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Last updated 4 Jun 2019

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