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Published 20 May 2014

Along with Go and Chess, Backgammon is reckoned to be one of the oldest games in existence. It was originally thought to have been played about 5,000 years ago and seems to have originated in what today we call Iraq - though it was then known as Mesopotamia. Equally, real-time online backgammon play was just as quick off the mark with the first internet backgammon server coming online being established in 1992. However, the online game has come a long way since those days. BackgammonAce is an exciting, fast and free game application for iOS and Android that turns the traditional board game on its head with one-on-one game play with friends and other folks from all over the world.
BackgammonAce, of course, originates from the world-famous and incredibly popular board game called Backgammon. The board game generally came in muted colors of black, brown and white and provided hours of entertainment for family and friends - or whoever else happened to turn up. There have been plenty of backgammon apps available before this one but few are going to be able to match it. BackgammonAce allows you to enjoy exciting match-ups with computers, friends and other players from all over the world using fantastic graphics, a clean user interface with original background music and sound effects. Whether you are a novice or you think of yourself as an expert, anyone will be able to enjoy the game. There is a behind-the-scenes 'guide' that keeps track of every move that...