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Published 8 Sep 2016

[cont'd] prediction and estimation skills when taking on new projects by helping you keep a close eye - in real-time - on how they perform. With this kind of analysis, you can easily identify any potential shortfalls that could occur and help improve the profitability of your business. To add to all this, the app lets you create invoices and manage payments with just a single click while allowing full integration with QuickBooks for a complete 360-degree business administration package.

By automating these simple but time sapping administration tasks you have much more time to concentrate on the things you do best - to increase your company's productivity. BadgeBox is perfect for all types and sizes of companies and is compatible with other existing management systems thanks to its data export capability, which is available in various formats. If you are concerned that some of your employees don't have a smartphone then they've thought of that too. There's a desktop version so clocking-in and out can be easily achieved using a shared tablet which can be placed at the entrance to the workspace. Alternatively, users can clock-in and out using a unique traditional badge or a QR code. If an employee forgets to clock-in they will receive a push notification reminder.

BadgeBox is a simple and cheap way to automate your company's timesheet submissions and means that you can finally stop worrying about who worked which hours on a project, who did overtime and who didn't...