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Badgety lets you tell your friends what you think of them in a fun way by sending badges that ... More

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Published 29 Jun 2012

You know what they say. Respect and thanks can only be earned rather than given. Badgety is a fun new social networking application that lets you pat your friends on the back and give them a virtual "well done" when they achieve something you think is pretty cool. You can send worthy friends a visual reinforcement of your high five with a badge to display to demonstrate their worth in the social world out there.
Badgety is a very visual, personal communications site. It can be funny, serious, sarcastic or thoughtful and  lets you tell your friends what you think of them in a fun way by sending badges that represent attributes, talents, habits (good and bad) or personality traits. Each badge is a visual reinforcement of the message someone wants to convey to someone. For example, if your friend nailed the pasta at the dinner party, you can use Badgety to send her the Great Cook badge. Conversely, if your friend texts you when he’s running on the treadmill, you can send him the text addict badge. Badges run the gamut from helpful, trustworthy, BFF to boring, party animal and, jock. Unlike almost all social media, Badgety is truly one-to-one while offering a community of friends sharing thoughts and ideas. Over time you and your friends will accumulate a library of badges opening up the opportunity for discussions about who has received what badges and where they got them.  Badgety members can track badges they have sent...