Developer description

Bag A Chat is a first of its kind application that allows you to save, store and organize Whatsapp and Hike messages and from gallery.

Whatsapp removes chat messages after a stipulated period of time. You can now store all chat in our Bag A Chat for any duration and of any size.

Whatsapp search is only limited by group and text and is very tedious. Our app gives a quick and logical grouping of posts based on variety of search parameters like from-to dates, group, sender, free text/notes, media type.

No need to save all Whatsapp data - only useful messages can be saved in this app with simple interface. So no need to make your phone slow by keeping all Whatsapp data all the time (less than 5% posts on whatsapp are actually important in future- so you can store only those)

Whatsapp media files are visible in media/Gallery of phone. So confidential or objectionable content (e.g. not suitable for children viewing) can be saved on our app and deleted from Whatsapp.

Bag A Chat data is not visible in Media/Gallery or file explorer. So you are more comfortable sharing your phone with family members, friends and colleagues (without loosing information).

Save professional receipts/communications/order details/product images/trip photos for sharing or referring in future without loosing them.You can label them for logical grouping e.g. project wise, trip name wise, date wise, friends name wise etc.

Media downloaded from Whatsapp is not stored logically and is mixed with other similar file types. Bag A Chat app stores it logically and can be searched and found out quickly.

Reminders can be created on the basis of saved messages. Can be useful for creating appoitments/meetings /TODO list.

You can avoid resending the marketing posts again to the same customer/group. You can find out whom you have sent what and when - very quickly by using search options.

You can email/sync with Google drive/dropbox the messages/media files together.

Multiple select of messages for sharing outside the app is supported

Cool reports can be made to add fun based on chat stats.

It makes every document easily traceable. Otherwise the files added to gallery/media folder are very difficult to trace.

Hassle free user interface - you can launch Whatsapp/Hike from the Bag A Chat app itself. No need to traverse across multiple apps.

Last updated 6 Nov 2015