Developer description

Balance Pro is a digital checkbook register and bill tracker all in one app. Easily manage your money and track your spending.

— Checkbook Register —
Record your transactions on the go. Keep track of all your pending and cleared purchases, payments, income, and more.

— Bill Tracking —
An easy way to add and manage all your bills in one place. View a list of all your upcoming bills and their due dates.

— Scan & Upload Receipts —
Scan with your smartphone or tablet camera or upload receipts or invoices right into your transactions. Supports PDF, JPG, and PNG.

— Choose Your Currency —
Select your native currency so all your transactions and bills reflect the primary currency of your finances.

— Multiple Accounts —
Manage all your savings, checking accounts, credit cards, cash… you get the picture. Keep track of all your money in one place.

— Bill Reminders —
Never miss a bill payment again. Choose when to receive reminders when an upcoming bill is due so that you can plan ahead.

— Export to Spreadsheet —
Easily export your account to a CSV spreadsheet which can be opened with your favorite spreadsheet application. Premium feature.

— Auto Pay —
Don't lose sight of bills that automatically deduct from your bank account. Keep track of bills that have auto pay enabled.

— Reconcile Transactions —
Keep track of transactions that are pending or have cleared. Quickly mark a transaction as cleared with a single tap of a button.

— Notes —
Every bill and transaction has a notes field to keep track of any special details so that you can document any information you need.

— Secure encryption —
We take security seriously. All your data is encrypted and secured with 256-bit SSL.

— Synced with All Your Devices —
No matter what device you are using, you’re all synced up and ready to go on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Last updated 23 Feb 2022

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