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Published 5 Dec 2011

If you want to be up there with the big boys in your Fantasy Football League you really do have to be on the ball all the time. If you put a fair amount of time into your team you will get a fair amount of success. So how do those guys always seem to be at the top of the league each year? Its like they have inside knowledge or something isn't it? Well in truth they probably use a fantasy sports tool like BallNotes. A better way to do your fantasy sports research.

Every day BallNotes reads and analyzes dozens of fantasy sports articles. They pull out the key points about each player mentioned, link it to the article and credit the expert who came up with the advice. Then they add all that information to their database. They use this one-of-a-kind database to give your fantasy team an edge in every way they can. BallNotes caters for all your American fantasy team needs whether it be football, baseball or basketball and the sound advice given is organized so you can check the stats of any player. You can check out players by position or the most discussed players in each position but possibly the best section is the sleepers section. 

BallNotes is a free fantasy sports tool that makes it so simple to just use the one place for all your fantasy team information. The info on all the players is detailed and easy to...