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Published 19 Sep 2011

With the reputation of our banks continuing to head in a southerly direction a comparison site that offers a little bit more than just a check on their rates is a welcome addition to the web. is a great one-stop-shop for anyone looking for a bank. Whether it’s your first experience of a bank account or you’re looking for a better deal on your existing checking, savings or CD arrangements, the information contained on the site will make sure you make a proper and informed decision.

Of course rates and charges are the main reasons anyone looks at comparison sites and this site provides comprehensive data on these areas. Each listing has a general overview, a table of rates, account features and additional notes on the first click through page. It also has a ˈhow to applyˈ feature and a link to the bank’s own website.

Once you’ve hit on some interesting looking deals the site can provide you with even more information, and with the current economic climate being what it is it makes sense to take advantage of everything available.

Users who have signed up can leave reviews outlining their experiences with particular banks, good or bad. On top of that each bank listed has a fairly detailed review of its financial health based on the latest publicly available reports and figures. With its own rating system of 1-5 the reviews cover ownership, available equity, loan quality and earnings success amongst other topics.